The Toilevator® and Toilevator® Grande were researched and developed at a world renowned Center for Studies in Aging in conjunction with Hart Vision Group Inc.. This patented and award winning design is the safest, most-hygienic, more stable and cost e ective answer to the elevated toilet seat. It provides a discreet raising of the toilet, eliminating slippage and bacterial build up.

TV300 Toilevator®

Base Riser

A sanitary, safe, and more stable alternative to the standard raised toilet seat, it adds 3.5 inches (9 cm) in height for comfort and ease with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs (230 kg). Suitable for people with mobility issues such as arthritis or those who use a wheelchair. Users sit on the actual toilet seat with the Toilevator® discreetly and durably tting under the existing toilet base. No special cleaning or maintenance needed and will t on standard round or elongated toilet bases. Comes complete in a do-it- yourself kit.

TVG350 Toilevator® Grande

Toilevator® Grande can be used on the newer and larger base toilets such as American Standard Boulevard & Antiquity series, Kohler Cimaron, Bancroft and Rialto series, Crane Titan series, Eljer Titan Pro series, and many more. (28 3/4′′ depth x 15 1/4′′ width x 3 1/2′′ height for Toilevator® GRANDE). The Toilevator® Grande is the answer to purchasing a new, higher toilet, backed by a one-year warranty. The base can be easily removed or moved as needed.